UKRMЄPA is a non-governmental organization. The main purpose of our organization - the formation of environmental awareness and "green" thinking among the younger generation in Ukraine, the creation of the original system of values ​in school children and toddlers, careful attitude to the world.

As adults, children embody ecological principles of interaction with the world in all areas of your life - production, communication culture, politics and others. Thus, we hope to significantly reduce in the future our current problems, including environmental, which is aimed at solving our organization - environmental protection of the seas and lands of Ukraine.

All our activities are dependent on incoming donations to our address. Apart from financial support, we also need the technical means of environmental protection: booms, sorbents, etc. We would be grateful for any help, which is used exclusively for the purposes of our organization.

Мы будем искренне благодарны за любую помощь в адрес неприбыльной организации ОО «Украинская ассоциация защиты моря от загрязнений».

Наши реквизиты:
Р/счет: 26008010122121 в Ф-ле АО «Укрэксимбанк» в г. Одесса, МФО 328618
WebMoney: Z671506849782;

Полученные средства будут потрачены на организацию экологического образования среди детей в Украине.